Women's textile motorcycle jacket collection - the ultimate for all your rides

Are you a biker lady who not only values safety, but also a fashionable look? Then the ROKKER women's textile motorcycle jacket collection is just the thing for you! Our textile motorcycle jackets not only combine fashionable styles, colors and cuts, but also meet high safety standards. Forget the cliché of unfashionable motorcycle clothing - here you'll find textile jackets that bring your style to your bike!

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AbriebfestAlltagstauglichCE-Level AInklusive ProtektorenNanoSphere® Beschichtungcoldblack® BeschichtungSave CHF 330
Black Jacket LadyBlack Jacket Lady
Black Jacket Lady Sale priceCHF 329 Regular priceCHF 659
Abrasion-resistantMade in EuropeSuitable for everyday useSave CHF 330
Rokkertech Jacket Lady RedRokkertech Jacket Lady Red
Rokkertech Jacket Lady Red Sale priceCHF 329 Regular priceCHF 659
Sold out
Wax Cotton Jacket LadyWax Cotton Jacket Lady
Wax Cotton Jacket Lady Sale priceCHF 265 Regular priceCHF 529
Abrasion-resistantMade in EuropeSuitable for everyday useSave CHF 330
Rokkertech Jacket Lady BrownRokkertech Jacket Lady Brown
Rokkertech Jacket Lady Brown Sale priceCHF 329 Regular priceCHF 659
Abrasion-resistantCE-Level AMade in EuropeSuitable for everyday useSold out
Rokkertech Denim Jacket LadyRokkertech Denim Jacket Lady
Rokkertech Denim Jacket Lady Sale priceCHF 349 Regular priceCHF 699
Save CHF 440
Extreme Jacket
Extreme Jacket Sale priceCHF 659 Regular priceCHF 1,099

Women's motorcycle textile jacket by ROKKER - safe & stylish variety in every fiber

Biker ladies, watch out! Our motorcycle textile jacket collection for women is exactly what you're looking for. Combine fashion with functionality and enjoy AAA-certified safety without having to compromise on a stylish look. All our textile jackets for women offer not only safety, but also cuts that are perfectly tailored to your femininity.
Whether you opt for the elegant Black Jacket Lady or the rougher ROKKERtech Jacket Brown Lady Olive - our collection offers the right model for every biker lady in the unique fits of the ROKKER style. Would you like to complete your closet? Then our leather jackets and rider shirts are perfect for you. And so that your partner doesn't look out of place and matches you, we also have textile jackets for him.
So why wait? Discover your perfect women's textile motorcycle jacket now and set off on your next adventure in style and safety!