Cargo motorcycle trousers for women - perfect fit & comfort for every kilometer

Our cargo motorcycle pants are not only an eye-catcher, but also offer you AA-certified protection - the highest level of safety. You can concentrate fully on your ride while your cargo-style motorcycle trousers protect your legs. And thanks to their unparalleled comfort, you can also wear your cargo trousers away from your bike. For a stroll around town or a relaxed visit to a café after a long tour - cargo motorcycle trousers or jeans from ROKKER simply make you look good everywhere.

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AbriebfestAlltagstauglichCE-Level AAInklusive ProtektorenMade in Europe
Black JackBlack Jack
Black Jack Sale priceCHF 499
AbriebfestAlltagstauglichCE-Level AAInklusive ProtektorenMade in Europe
Cargo OliveCargo Olive
Cargo Olive Sale priceCHF 439
AbriebfestAlltagstauglichCE-Level AAInklusive ProtektorenMade in Europe
Cargo Slim OliveCargo Slim Olive
Cargo Slim Olive Sale priceCHF 399
AlltagstauglichCE-Level AACE-Level AAInklusive ProtektorenMade in Europe
Black Jack SlimBlack Jack Slim
Black Jack Slim Sale priceCHF 439

Cargo motorcycle pants - collection for women: Always stylish & safe on the road

At The ROKKER Company, we understand that you not only want to be safe when riding your motorcycle, but also fashionable. That's why we've created cargo-style motorcycle pants that combine both perfectly. Discover our coveted motorcycle cargo jeans for women, for example, which combine comfort with robust chic in a unique way. Whether you're exploring the city or going on a long tour, our collection of cargo motorcycle pants designed especially for female bikers not only guarantees you protection on fast-paced rides, but also impresses with a variety of comfortable and trendy designs, perfect for all your everyday adventures. Not traveling alone? Of course, ROKKER also offers the right cargo for men so that your partner fits you perfectly. Get your new favorite pants now! And don't forget to take a look at our stylish T-shirts for women. At The ROKKER Company, you can always expect an extensive selection of products for your next motorcycle experience.