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In the ROKKER biker clothing store you will find exclusive deals and stylish biker clothing with the highest safety standards (CE level AAA). Tune your biker outfit with something special.
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Gasoline in your blood, jeans on your skin. It's a good feeling to be well-dressed and yet safe on the bike. What sets our motorcycle clothing apart from others is the high standard of quality and safety. With AAA certification, it achieves the highest safety level, which means that the clothing will hold up even in the event of a fall over 120 km/h. Discover our popular and comfortable ROKKER jeans for motorcycles! Matching biker boots are of course also available in our store, as well as stylish rider shirts, motorcycle jackets for women and motorcycle jackets for men.

ROKKER MOTORCYCLE CLOTHING SHOP: Separates your meat from the street

ROKKER products are not only characterized by their outstanding design. They offer a perfect fit and impress with their superior level of protection (up to CE level AAA), which clearly sets them apart from conventional biker clothing. Also experience the legendary ROKKER jeans for men and women - the core of our brand. These jeans are more than just a piece of clothing: they are a symbol of our dedication to quality and safety. Each pair combines rugged protection with unparalleled style that is unrivaled in the motorcycle apparel industry.

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When you buy motorcycle gear, the right motorcycle clothing accessories are of course a must. In the ROKKER online store, you will find motorcycle gloves, protectors and biker tubes that make your protective gear perfect. But there are also gift ideas for bikers that are only available from THE ROKKER COMPANY - from fine drops, caps, bags and belts to cooking and barbecue aprons.


Abrasion-resistantCE-Level AACoolmax®Including protectorsMade in EuropeSuitable for everyday use
Hamilton Rider ShirtHamilton Rider Shirt
Hamilton Rider Shirt Sale priceCHF 399
Abrasion-resistantCE-Level AAIncluding protectorsMade in EuropeSuitable for everyday use
Rokkertech Tapered Slim Dark BlueRokkertech Tapered Slim Dark Blue
Trust T-Shirt Men BlackTrust T-Shirt Men Black
Trust T-Shirt Men Black Sale priceCHF 69

How does certification work for motorcycle clothing?

On the road, good motorcycle clothing is synonymous with a good riding experience. To classify them, their mechanical resistance, i.e. abrasion resistance, tear resistance and seam strength, is tested. The European standard ranges from C to the highest safety level AAA. Class A stands for "light", AA for "medium" and AAA for "heavy". To determine which resistance class applies, there are various tests that mimic contact with asphalt. Three risk zones are assessed: Risk zone 1 is the most severely affected zone such as shoulders, elbows, knees and hips. Risk zone 2 is the back, arms, buttocks and outer legs. The third risk zone contains the areas that are least at risk of falling: Abdomen, chest, inside of the arms and legs.

Zone 1 of motorcycle clothing class AAA is tested at speeds of up to 120 km/h. The special machines simulate sliding on asphalt. For comparison: Class AA motorcycle clothing is tested at 70 km/h and Class A is tested at 45/h km.

Approximately AAA standard for AA motorcycle clothing

Your motorcycle clothing performs one of the most important safety tasks. Every motorcyclist who wears high-quality biker clothing can ride with more concentration thanks to the comfortable fit. This increases their ability to avoid a fall and injuries. If motorcycle jackets and pants "only" had to be robust, it would be child's play to manufacture them. THE ROKKER COMPANY, however, places exceptionally high demands on comfort and flexibility. For us, safety also means freedom of movement and a good riding experience, which is why we use materials that combine robustness and comfort.

We offer jeans and jackets with the highest certification and our AA motorcycle clothing is also at the AAA limit. In tests, we exceed the required load limit at 70 km/h and come very close to the 120 km/h limit.

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As a first mover in the industry, THE ROKKER COMPANY brought motorcycle clothing onto the market that was stylish, fashionable and still met the highest safety standards. For the development, the two founders and Harley fans Kai and Michael delved deep into the research, dealing with the suppliers, the raw materials, their approaches and technologies. Only when they are convinced of the quality and sustainable aspects do they place an order. Over time, selected producers exclusively in Portugal and Europe have become the source for the production of high-quality biker clothing. The clothes are also manufactured in Europe to minimize the impact on the environment. THE ROKKER COMPANY now has sales partners all over the world, so you are sure to find the products near you.

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