Cleaning motorcycle clothing properly: how to keep your textile biker outfit in top shape

Motorradbekleidung richtig reinigen: So bleibt dein textiles Biker-Outfit in Topform
Riding a motorcycle offers an incomparable feeling of freedom. But let's be honest, after an extensive tour, your motorcycle clothing often looks as if it has been on a wild journey itself. Yet textile motorcycle clothing in particular requires thorough cleaning after every ride in order to maintain its appearance, safety and durability.
This is where our guide to cleaning motorcycle clothing specifically on the subject of textile materials comes into play, showing you how to not only keep your motorcycle clothing clean, but also preserve its properties. Let's go.

Why thorough cleaning of motorcycle clothing made from textile materials is essential

Motorcycle clothing is not like any other clothing. It is made of special materials that protect bikers and offer them comfort at the same time. Motorcycle clothing made from textiles, such as mesh or Gore-Tex, are also known for their breathability and durability and are equally popular among bikers. But with every adventure, motorcycle clothing is also exposed to a range of types of dirt - from road dirt to insects and oil. Added to this are weather influences such as rain and UV radiation, which have a particular impact on textiles.

These challenges show how important it is to take a precise approach to cleaning motorcycle clothing so that you can maintain the functionality and casual look of your clothing for a long time to come.
In the following, we will therefore give you a few points to consider:

Step-by-step guide: Washing textile motorcycle clothing


Check your clothing for special features:

  • Many motorcycle jackets and pants contain protective elements such as pads or reinforced areas, which must be taken into account when cleaning so as not to impair the safety function. Ideally, protectors should be removed before washing and not washed as well.
  • When caring for textile motorcycle clothing with integrated membranes, such as those found in our Revolution line, it is essential to follow the manufacturer's specific cleaning instructions. Cleaning from time to time is also necessary to remove the smallest dirt particles from the membrane. This ensures that the special material functions such as breathability and, above all, impermeability are maintained.
    • For cleaning such products, machine washing with a special sports detergent for textiles with membranes, such as Nikwax, is recommended
  • Waxed cotton jackets, better known as waxed cotton jackets, must not be machine washed or tumble dried, as this can damage the wax layer, which is crucial for the necessary protection.


Choice of detergent for motorcycle clothing:

  • A mild detergent for motorcycle clothing is essential. If possible, a special mild detergent for motorcycle clothing should be used.
    • Heavy soiling should be treated in advance. Depending on the label instructions, a mild stain remover or, in extreme cases, a soft brush can often work wonders.
  • A special sports detergent is recommended for textile clothing with membranes.
  • Wax-cotton jackets must be cleaned and cared for by hand washing. The use of a special water-based detergent, such as Tech Wash, is recommended to protect the wax layer of the jacket.
  • After washing, these jackets can be re-waxed with a special textile wax to restore their water-repellent effect.
  • Fabric softener should generally be avoided as it can impair the specific functions and properties of motorcycle textiles. Fabric softeners often leave a film on the fibers, which not only reduces breathability, but can also have a negative effect on the water-repellent and moisture-regulating properties of the textiles.
  • If in doubt, clean the garments by hand with lukewarm water and a cloth.

Washing process:

  • A simple key aspect is to always follow the manufacturer's instructions on the care label. Follow the instructions on the care label exactly to maintain longevity and comfort or clean the motorcycle clothing at a maximum of 30 °C on a gentle cycle.
    • Also make sure that there are no detergent residues, for example by repeating the rinse cycle.
  • The washing machine should also not be filled completely, but only about half full.

3. DRY:

Air dry:

  • If the clothing, such as waxed motorcycle clothing, is not suitable for tumble drying, leave it to dry in a well-ventilated place, out of direct sunlight or near a heater. This will also preserve the breathability of your textile motorcycle clothing.
  • Avoid hanging up jackets with stretch parts, as the weight of water-soaked jackets can cause the materials to wear out after washing.

Special reactivation of water-repellent coatings:

  • For older products with a fluorocarbon coating (e.g. Teflon), special treatment after washing is important. This coating loses its water-repellent effect over time, but can be reactivated by applying heat.

The following two measures are recommended for this:

    • Drying the garments in the dryer after washing, if this is possible according to the care label. The heat in the dryer helps to reactivate the fluorocarbon coating.
    • Alternatively, use an iron. When ironing, make sure that the clothing is covered with a protective cloth to avoid direct contact between the iron and the clothing. A moderate application of heat is sufficient to restore the water-repellent function.


Storage of textile motorcycle clothing:

  • Textile motorcycle clothing should also always be stored in a dry place without large temperature fluctuations.
  • Make sure there is enough space to avoid creases and ensure good air circulation. When storing in a garment bag, it should be as air-permeable as possible.

At ROKKER, we also offer many textiles made from the innovative schoeller® materials, which can be washed in the washing machine without any problems. However, it is always advisable and highly recommended to read the care label.

Clevere Tipps zum Motorradjacke waschen von der stylishen Schweizer Premiummarke für Motorradbekleidun ROKKER

Additional care tips: Washing your motorcycle jacket

In addition to the general tips on washing textile motorcycle clothing that have already been discussed in detail, there are a few additional tricks especially for your trusty motorcycle jacket. In the following, we will focus on two key aspects that are often underestimated but can make a big difference in order to provide optimum care for this textile biker gear:

Waterproofing and aftercare

Having your own motorcycle clothing impregnated or doing it yourself is a sensible step to ensure that you can enjoy your equipment for many more planned tours. By regularly applying a silicone-free waterproofing spray suitable for the product type, approximately every three to four washes, your motorcycle jacket will not only stay clean, but will also reliably withstand rain and road dirt. Make sure that you spread the spray evenly with a cloth or sponge, especially on seams and areas that are subject to heavy wear. This ensures that an effective protective layer is created.
After waterproofing, it is important to allow the jacket to air dry completely. This type of care is uncomplicated but effective, as it extends the service life of your equipment and of course also ensures that your riding fun remains uninterrupted in all weathers, whether in sunshine or rain showers.

Care of the zippers

Of course, caring for your motorcycle clothing goes beyond cleaning and waterproofing. An often neglected but nevertheless important element is the care of the zippers. This is because zippers in particular are often susceptible to wear due to dust, dirt and repeated use. A few drops of silicone spray on the zippers of your motorcycle jacket can make a big difference here, as it not only prevents snagging, but also protects against corrosion and ensures a longer service life for the zippers. However, make sure to use the silicone spray sparingly and only apply it directly to the zipper to avoid possible stains on the jacket fabric. And by regularly using a soft brush or cloth, you can also easily remove any dirt and dust that has accumulated on the zippers. Incidentally, you can of course also use this tip to clean your pants and many other textiles with zippers.

Conclusion: Clean motorcycle clothing for the best riding experience

As you can see, caring for your textile motorcycle clothing is definitely more than just a routine, so we hope that this guide will help you to clean your beloved motorcycle clothing easily and keep it in top condition.
With our simple but effective care tips, you can easily ensure that your motorcycle clothing withstands even the toughest conditions and always looks as stylish and comfortable as it did on the first day.
And if you fancy adding some casual premium motorcycle clothing to your wardrobe, you'll find everything you need to complete your biker look here in the store. Ride ROKKER - Ride in style!


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