Waterproofing motorcycle clothing: How to stay dry!

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As a passionate motorcyclist, you know how to play with the elements: sunshine here, an unexpected downpour there. But one thing must not fall by the wayside - your comfort and protection with well waterproofed motorcycle clothing.
In this blog post, we'll tell you how you can waterproof your motorcycle clothing in a few simple steps to make it weatherproof so that you can concentrate fully on enjoying your ride without being thrown off course by a few drops of rain.

Why waterproofing your motorcycle clothing is essential

Let's be honest: who wants to arrive home completely soaked after a long ride? Right, nobody. Waterproofing your motorcycle clothing, in particular waterproofing your motorcycle jacket (LINK text: Take a look at our first-class premium selection of motorcycle jackets here), is essential for several reasons.

Firstly, it makes it easier to clean your biker clothing, while at the same time maintaining its breathability and durability. A freshly waterproofed jacket or trousers also offers you effective protection against wind and cold by preserving the insulating properties of your equipment.

This proactive care creates a water-repellent layer on your motorcycle clothing, allowing you to continue your ride unimpressed even if it suddenly starts to rain.

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Waterproofing spray for motorcycle clothing: The quick solution for at home

One of the simplest and most effective means of waterproofing your motorcycle clothing is waterproofing spray. It is easy to use, dries quickly and offers immediate protection against water.

Which products are best for waterproofing motorcycle clothing?

For effective treatment of your equipment, make sure that the product you choose has the following features:

Free from silicones so as not to affect the material properties
Enables uncomplicated application without leaving any residue
Preserves the breathability of the membrane for comfort on every ride
Protects against the feeling of evaporative cooling when clothing is wet
Provides additional protection against fading caused by sunlight

Advantages of waterproofing sprays for motorcycle clothing:

Optimum protection and care for motorcycle clothing, whether leather or textile
Gives clothing water and dirt-repellent properties
Super easy to use and apply, that anyone can do at home
Easily reaches even very hard-to-reach areas
In addition to outerwear, also ideal for waterproofing your motorcycle gloves

All in all, a waterproofing spray is always the ideal choice for motorcyclists who value a professional solution and want to do this from the comfort of their own home, which also saves time, money and a trip to the waterproofing specialist.

Four steps to optimal waterproofing of your motorcycle clothing

However, before you press the spray button on your waterproofing spray, you should first start with an important basic: thorough cleaning of your equipment.

Step 1: Preparation is everything

Of course, a waterproofing spray alone is not enough to effectively re-waterproof your motorcycle clothing. Although a high-quality waterproofing spray coats the individual textile fibers, it is essential that the clothing is thoroughly cleaned beforehand. Otherwise, dirt and oil that remain in the fibers will also be impregnated, which can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the impregnating agent.
You can find a helpful step-by-step guide in our blog article on "Cleaning motorcycle clothing".

Step 2: Choosing the right waterproofing agent

Now that your motorcycle clothing is clean and ready for the next step, you may be wondering: What is the best waterproofing agent? The answer depends primarily on the material of your clothing. Therefore, always check the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations beforehand, as only a well-thought-out choice will help to extend the life of your motorcycle clothing.
While textiles can often be treated with simple sprays, waterproofing natural materials such as leather requires special attention. For example, if you want to waterproof your leather jackets - WE DON'T HAVE LEATHER PANTS AND WILL NEVER OFFER LEATHER PANTS, you should always use a special leather waterproofing spray that not only protects but also maintains the natural suppleness of the leather and cares for it at the same time.

Step 3: How to use the waterproofing spray

Now that you have the right waterproofing spray in your hand, you can finally grab your clean motorcycle clothing and - for the sake of your health - find a very well-ventilated place, ideally outdoors. Now shake the can vigorously so that all the ingredients mix optimally and you can achieve an even result.
Keep a distance of around 20 to 30 cm when spraying to ensure that your motorcycle clothing to be impregnated is evenly wetted without soaking. The basic rule here is: less is often more. Too thick a layer can impair the breathability of your clothing and may leave residue behind. Particularly stressed areas such as folds, seams or buttocks, on the other hand, deserve a little more of the spray.
Once you have finished, give the clothing enough time to dry. Patience pays off here, as this is the only way the waterproofing spray can develop its full effect. It is therefore best to leave the impregnated motorcycle clothing to dry completely in the air, ideally protected from the wind and sun, to protect the materials and maximize the effectiveness of the spray.

Step 4: Proper care after impregnation

Once your motorcycle clothing has been carefully waterproofed, we recommend that you don't skip the last step. Proper care after waterproofing not only ensures the long-lasting protection of your biker clothing, but also preserves its appearance and functionality.
It is important to check the waterproofing of your clothing regularly. A simple water spray test can really help you to see whether the water is still beading off or whether it is time for a refresher.
It also makes sense to inspect your motorcycle clothing after every tour, especially if you have ridden through rain. A gentle wipe with a damp cloth is enough to remove dirt and salt residues from the clothing, which can attack the waterproofing.

Check off the checklist: Waterproofing motorcycle clothing

1. preparation:

  • Clean motorcycle clothing thoroughly:
    Remove dirt and oil to ensure the effectiveness of the waterproofing agent.
  • Check the material type:
    Follow the manufacturer's recommendations and the material type of your clothing.
  • Select the correct waterproofing agent:
    Select a waterproofing agent according to the material of your clothing (textile or leather).

2. impregnation:

  • Prepare the waterproofing spray:
    Shake the can vigorously to mix all the ingredients.
  • Work in a well-ventilated or outdoor area:
    Find a place, ideally outdoors, to minimize health risks.
  • Spray evenly outdoors:

    Keep a distance of 20 to 30 cm and wet the clothing evenly without soaking.

  • Consider areas subject to particular stress:
    Folds, seams and buttocks may need to be sprayed more heavily.
  • Allow to dry sufficiently:
    Give the clothing enough time to dry, ideally in an area protected from the wind and sun.

3. aftercare:

  • Regularly check the waterproofing properties:
    Carry out a water spray test to determine whether the waterproofing needs to be refreshed.
  • Inspect clothing after every tour:
    Gently wipe the clothing after riding in the rain to remove dirt and salt residues.

How often should you waterproof motorcycle clothing?

Regularly waterproofing your motorcycle clothing is crucial for longevity and protection. But how often is "regularly"?

Here are a few possible guidelines:

Impregnate after every intensive cleaning
✓ Apply after three washes at the latest
Refresh at least twice a season
Renew when water repellency decreases
Apply before longer tours
Treat more often for rides with frequent precipitation
Don't forget before and after the winter season
According to the manufacturer's care instructions if impregnation is mentioned


Waterproofing motorcycle clothing is not rocket science and is more than just a compulsory program. It is a small investment in many eventful tours with your biker wear, regardless of the weather. Careful selection and application of waterproofing spray allows you to concentrate fully on the road without being affected by a sudden change in the weather. Your equipment will also last longer and shine like new.

So, what are you waiting for? Take matters into your own hands, make your motorcycle clothing weatherproof and, with the right products and a little care, be well equipped for your next adventure - no matter what the skies have in store for you.


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