We takes responsibility not only for protecting its customers, but also for sustainability. Most of our products have been manufactured in Portugal since it was founded over 10 years ago. This decision was already based on considerations that are only now being consciously addressed in the global environmental debate. Our delivery routes, for example, are a fraction of the transport routes of our competitors, which also has a self-explanatory effect on the environment. Thanks to these short distances, we can also operate our quality management at a level that would not be possible with greater distances. We can visit our producers at any time and without prior notice, without having to fear unpleasant surprises such as child labour or other negative impressions. The textile production in Portugal looks back on long family traditions, which is also reflected in the working atmosphere. There are family structures where a high value is placed on the work-life balance. Thanks to the many years of experience of textile producers and their employees, we are able to offer our customers products that are hard to beat not only in terms of quality but also in terms of sustainability.