In this blog we show you how our team rider Ramon Keller rocks the motocross track in Möggers, Austria. But beware, Ramon doesn’t ride in motocross clothes, but with a rather unusual style on the track. Ramon wears our ROKKERTECH DUNGAREES and our PIKES PEAK LS. Since the track was very slippery in certain places, our ROKKERTECH DUNGAREES proved itself here. Ramon fell, the shirt is torn, but the dungarees remained uninjured. We are happy, nothing happened to Ramon and he was able to continue his training on the motocross track despite the crash.

We are happy to explain the ROKKERTECH DUNGAREES to you in more detail:

The DUNGAREES are highly abrasion resistant, single layer dungarees in the classic cut. We’re talking about a slim fit with a slightly waisted leg. A noble 14 oz denim with highly abrasion-resistant UHMWPE fibres is used for our ROKKERTECH dungarees. With a beautiful vintage wash it makes the dungarees to a unique specimen up and down the motorcycle. At the knees you will find protector pockets for maximum safety and adjustable shoulder straps for the perfect fit. Of course no rivets were used to scratch the bike. And last but not least the cool piece was made in Portugal by a family business.

Here are some impressions from Ramon’s training.
You can say that the 17 is on fire!