Last weekend the Bike Shed Show took place in London. This time it was also the 10 edition of the show. Of course we were there and looked at the bikes. Not only unique bikes could be seen, but also the best brands were represented and showed their products. Indian presented its new FTR 1200 and showed Flat Track conversions. Triumph was of course also there with the new 1200. The Bike Shed in London also showed their collaboration with Triumph. The guys from Bike Shed know exactly what it’s all about! These various flat tracks were noticeably rebuilt. I was also astonished by the electro corners. There were about 10 converted electric motorcycles. We are curious what it will look like in the future! For the hunger were various Food Trucks on site and offered any menus. From burgers, meatballs, tacos and hot dogs to soft ice cream.

For the first time The Bike Shed had a cinema where the best motorcycle movies were shown. All 250 seats were taken at every movie! Oil In The Blood, TT3D: Closer To The Edge, On Any Sunday, as well as The Greasy Hand Preachers were the movies that were shown on both days. With 8 different bands, there was also good rock music for the ears all day long.

The event is very peaceful, cozy, and enjoyable for non motorbike riders as well as custom enthusiasts. We are sure to be back next year and are looking forward to it today! See you soon!