In most motorcycle clothing stores you are almost on your own when browsing the tracks and there is not much to see. If you’ve found something you think is right, you’ll probably find someone at the checkout who’s willing to take your money when he’s not on the phone. This makes Motolegends a little different. In fact, if you show up with the sole intention of browsing, you will probably feel a little disappointed. The store itself is not huge. It’s a beautiful room; one of the most interesting fashion shops you’ll probably come across. You have a selection of their most popular helmets, gloves, boots, jackets and trousers on display. But probably only 10% of their offer can be found in the shop itself. The other 90% are in the warehouse behind the shop. The reason for this is that they want to get involved in a conversation with customers about what you think is necessary. If you do this in this way, it may take a little longer for you to reach your goal. However, if customers are willing to discuss their requirements and sometimes question your perceptions, we assume you will. Motolegends wants the way they ride to be equipped with equipment that is made for the conditions in which they ride. If you pay them a visit, it can pay off to spend a little time staying at rest, and if you first go to the extensive website and do some research.

“If you just want to be able to fully rely on someone you’ve posted in a forum, or if it’s about appearance and price, it’s fine that we’re the right thing for you!